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I have Acne: Will Massage Oil Clog My Pores?

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Taking care of acne-prone skin is a complex process as any wrong move will worsen the condition. You cannot just use any oil or engage in every beauty procedure at your disposal and this includes massage.

Though massage therapy is beneficial for men and women alike, there are some reservations when it comes to the use of massage oils. Here are some of the precautions you need to observe when using massage oil:

  • Avoid comedogenic oils: there are some massage oils such as Abyssinian oil, amla oil, babassu oil, blackberry seed oil, and broccoli seed oil among others that will clog your pores. If your skin is prone to acne, inform the massage therapist in advance so that he can choose the best oil for your type of skin.
  • Avoid oils that cause skin irritation: Some massage oils are not comedogenic but will irritate your skin during massage. Oils such as jojoba oil that are chemically the same as your natural skin oil will easily clog your pores. Your skin will think that it has generated enough sebum and, therefore, shut off the production of oil. This will result in acne or even worsen your condition if you already have acne.
  • Go for non-oil options: Despite having acne-prone skin, you can still enjoy your massage. The massage therapist will help you to choose more friendly options such as aloe vera gel which is non-comedogenic.

Aloe vera gel will also speed up your recovery from acne scars or other marks on your skin. If the massage therapist will either use unblended aloe vera oil or choose a carrier oil that will not lead to clogging of your pores such as jojoba oil.

How Massage for Acne-Prone Skin Works

It is proven that massage is effective for the treatment of multiple health issues such as stress, sports injuries, hypertension, insomnia, and pains, among others. In addition, massage can also help in getting rid of acne.

To achieve this, the massage therapist will choose a style shiatsu massage where he will apply pressure on your reflex points.  As a result, you will experience better circulation and your hormone level in your skin will balance. To make it even better, the massage will regulate sebum production in your body and unblock the follicles which trap oils and bacteria.

To get the most from your massage, it is recommended that you get your massage in a professional spa. Unlike other people that have clear skin, yours is more sensitive and a simple mistake could make your condition worse.

You should ensure that the massage therapist has handled your type of skin in the past and knows what will work best for you.  The …